Looking after buildings, residents, site staff - and so much more!

Bellharbour generally acts for the Resident Management Company (RMC) or the freehold owner of the property, who is responsible for the upkeep of these communal parts and has appointed us as an agent to assist them in carrying out their responsibilities. In short, we sit between you as the resident and those responsible for managing the maintenance of your London private estate or property.

Building Maintenance

The services Bellharbour provide include general property maintenance, ensuring relevant insurances are in place, appointing, supervising and managing HR and payroll for site staff (such as a concierge) where appropriate and liaising, where necessary, with warranty providers, original contractors, insurance brokers, neighbouring London properties, the emergency services, the local authority or local interest groups on behalf of the residents or our clients.

Residents' communities

But above all of the day-to-day duties, Bellharbour believes in creating a space that is conducive to building vibrant communities. This requires an 'on the ground' approach that not all Managing Agents do to meet the expectations of both client and homeowner. So, not only will the London development be kept clean, safe and compliant, residents will benefit from a carefully thought out calendar of relevant events and activities should they wish to join in, plus the implementation of additional facilities such as parcel and key management - because we know what's expected. London residents will have access to their Resident Website, a place to share, connect and manage bookings of facilities such as gym or car parking. It's also a place to collaborate with other residents, form groups, advertise private events and enjoy specially arranged discounts from local service providers, shops, and London restaurants.

Professional site staff

All of Bellharbour's site staff are fully trained, as you would expect, but we choose people who care about their job, who are not rigid in their role or the hours they may occasionally need to make flexible. In short - you can trust any Bellharbour staff, onsite or office-based to be there when you need them, looking out for residents and keeping their residential leasing environment a great place to live.