Who We Help

If you're in property, Bellharbour can manage it

We specialise in property in the London area, and keeping your investment safe and secure. Whether you're in the property business, planning a development, or own a prime London apartment block, we can help you with the day-to-day management as well as assist with your longer-term goals. Discover why choosing Bellharbour to be your property Managing Agent will help you and your business.

Our approach to doing business

To ensure the success of our property management business, it is essential that we carefully manage our impact on the environment and our local communities to create a sustainable future for all our stakeholders. Read more here.


As a company, and a group, Bellharbour, London promote a flexible, open environment with plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth, with professional training on offer. We also have a strong track record of internal promotions and encourage secondments and learning outside of the daily role. The health and well-being of our team are important and there is support available for both physical and mental health issues, including check-in facilities for work-related stress.

London Customers and Clients

All of our customers and clients, who we work with, benefit from a transparent, fair, and ethical service, particularly in light of the legal and regulatory environment in which we work. All London property owners and clients can be confident that we will provide a safe environment for the homes we manage thanks to our qualified Health and Safety team, contractor accreditation, and internal practices. We also ensure that we engage in cost-effective property management services to protect and enhance the value of homes.


To promote environmental sustainability, we encourage all of our customers to switch to a paperless service and we provide as much information as we can digitally. We are proud to be acknowledged as a Carbon Neutral company. 

Supply chain

We engage thousands of London contractors on behalf of our property management clients, preferring to engage local contractors as they tend to provide higher quality service and better value for money. This, in turn, supports the local communities that we serve. We support our supply chain with a fair and reasonable accreditation programme and provide additional support for health and safety and compliance where needed.

Supporting our community

As a group we work hard to limit our impact on the environment and are a carbon-neutral organisation. The safety of our customers and colleagues is central to all we do.