Managing Prime London property is our speciality

Bellharbour was created out of an identified need to meet specific requirements within the property sector. By bringing together some of the UK's elite property sector specialists, the company provides over 55 years of combined experience in the management of the prime sector.

There is no substitute for local knowledge

Being based in Canary Wharf means that we have a deep understanding of city needs, and we can be onsite whenever needed. You’ll experience the highest standard of building care, ensuring your building, your people and your investment remain protected. We provide all of the services required to keep your property safe, clean and compliant, as well as keeping residents and homeowners content.

We are part of the Fexco Property Services group; founded in 2015 by the Irish multi-national company Fexco, which has been investing in the UK since 1983 and involved in block management since 1999, successfully growing the largest residential management group in Australia; Prudential Investment Company of Australia Pty Limited (PICA). Established over 50 years ago, PICA currently has 280,000 homes under its management. PICA is an Australian national property services company that remains one of the most reputable and financially stable companies in Australia.

Together, the combined experience of the group amounts to the largest service provider in the UK.


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