Managing Bespoke Property Management Services

As property managers, Bellharbour has evolved to cater to the differing needs and expectations of high-end London sites, from developer requirements to residents' happiness.

Over the past decade (or two) onsite amenities and leisure facilities have evolved tremendously, from 30m swimming pools, snow rooms, virtual classes, golf simulators, and snooker rooms to a fully kitted out gym. From private cinema suites with gaming facilities, film clubs, and sporting events, all with associated hospitality and wine tasting rooms.

Property services such as Security have now evolved into full-blown concierge services, managing valet parking, fully operational post rooms to cope with the massive increase in parcel and food deliveries over the last few years. Plant rooms have evolved from a communal boiler in a basement cupboard to massive plant rooms and equipment housing complicated HHW systems, sprinkler, and fire fighting systems, intelligent building management monitoring systems, and the need for 24/7 M&E management and monitoring.

Cosmetic features are often bespoke and expensive, difficult to maintain and replace without breaking the budget. Just one example is a property with floor-to-ceiling silk curtains in a two-storey glass atrium. They were hand-made in India but extremely fragile and sensitive to sunlight and each section cost several thousand pounds to replace with a 3-4 month lead-in time. Needless to say, they were damaged every few weeks without fail… in full view of the London residents, beautiful yes but practical no!

And property residents and Residents Associations and RMC’s have evolved from a small committee with limited knowledge of communal living and property service charges to highly organised groups who have experts and professionals in each field and require much more in-depth information than ever before and have more ability to interrogate that information, demanding more and more time from their managing agents and advisors.

And finally, the challenges arising from conflicting requirements and budgets with disproportionately sized apartments reducing consultation sums such as a three or four-storey penthouse, high specification services shared with affordable housing, commercial tenants, and other users where current legislation is not really aligned with Estates of this type.

If you're looking for a property managing agent experienced in handling all aspects of the norm and what can often be described as outside the norm, come and speak to Bellharbour.

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