Help with Portal Registration

How to register for the Portal

To use the Portal, you will need to register online. Have your property reference and unique pin handy, you can find these on your printed demands. If you do not know your unique property reference please contact us at and we'll send it to you. If there is more than one name associated with the property, please nominate one email address as the login, this will become the user name that is used to log in to the website and all email correspondence will be sent to it.

Please note:

  • If you hold more than one account within the Bellharbour portfolio including service charge and ground rent accounts for the same property, you will need to register each account separately, using the same email address and password. 
  • It is essential that once registered you maintain a current email address. If you chose to receive documents by email and your email address changes, please update your profile with the new address.
  • If you're a tenant unfortunately you cannot register for our online services. For data protection and security reasons, only the person or persons listed on our database as the registered legal owner of a property under our management can register.

Things to consider

  • We can only issue documents to one email address. You are, of course, free to forward these on as needed
  • Please make sure that you let us know of any change of email address so that you do not miss important documents
  • Please read the terms and conditions below the form before signing up for paperless communications
  • There will be times when we will need to write to you by post rather than by email
  • If you wish to opt back into paper communications you can do this by logging in to the Portal 

How to reset your password

Select the following link, Login, enter your email address and select “Send reminder”.

Please note: Our automated emails are sent from, sometimes these emails go into the spam or junk folders of the recipient or if it is a company email they are blocked by your administrators. We would be grateful if you would check in all of your mailbox folders to see if you have received the reminder email. If you experience any issues, please email our Crabtree team: 

How to update your details

The details we hold for you can be updated via your online account once you have logged in by selecting Edit my profile located at the top of the screen. The following two options will appear:
  • Change Login details – select this option if you would like to update your email address or password
  • Change Contact details – select this option if you would like to update any of the following: correspondence address, telephone number, mobile number or online account preferences such as receiving correspondence via email or receiving SMS messages.