Your Portal - Your Property - Your Communications

Your Portal is a secure online system for you to get in touch with us, access information, and manage your property. 



Here you can see all of your day-to-day account details, make online payments, download relevant documents, report repairs online, or submit inquiries. You can also sign up for text and email alerts to keep abreast of the latest news. As Your Portal is an online system, please choose 'email' as your preferred choice of correspondence. 

To use the Portal, you will need to register online. Have your property reference and unique pin handy, you can find these on your printed demands. If you do not know your unique property reference please click here to email a request and we'll send it to you. If there is more than one name associated with the property, please nominate one email address as the login, this will become the user name that is used to log in to the website and all email correspondence will be sent to it.

If you need assistance please contact the helpdesk run by our sister company Crabtree