Our Health & Safety team - keeping you and your property safe

Our highly qualified Health & Safety team operates centrally and for all brands within the group. Keeping staff and customers up to date with the latest legislation, policies, and guidelines to keep your home safe, your investment protected, and your building compliant. Full details about our group H&S department can be found on our group website fexcopropertyservices.co.uk

The H&S team are honorary consultants for The Federation of Private Residents Associations Ltd. The FPRA offers its members specialist legal, insurance, management, and building guidance. They represent and understand the interests of leaseholders seeking to set up a tenants’ association, existing tenants associations (recognised or not), and resident management companies. 

Head of H&S - Jonathan Gough

Head of Health & Safety for the group is Jonathan Gough CMIOSH. Jonathan sits on the ARMA high rise buildings safety committee and the IRPM safety working group, he is also a Director for FPRA. Jonathan provides no-nonsense practical advice across the group, which ensures a safe environment for staff, clients and homeowners alike. We’re here to help you should you have any concerns please get in touch below:

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