Building Maintenance For London Properties

All buildings need to be maintained, but not all building management companies are the same.

Keeping the client in mind, it's our priority to make sure that it's not just the bricks and mortar that are maintained to a high standard but that the infrastructure and its integral working parts keep London residents safe at the same time. No one wants a lift outage, but if a sudden surge causes unforeseen circumstances, you'll want a Property Managing Agent who knows what to do in the first few minutes of it happening.

There is no substitute for experience

Effective building management requires years of property experience, not just in the day to day tasks but in being able to step up to the challenges that can often arise unexpectedly. Building facility management requires the best systems, processes, and manpower to manage the life cycle of the London property, and as Managing Agents that is what we can do for you. 

Contractor management

Bellharbour has always vetted the contractors we use across our building services management portfolio by ensuring that the relevant insurances, risk assessments, and policies are in place. Over the past few years, this vetting has improved and become more detailed in terms of the information we require. Since the acquisition by Fexco Property Services, we now have the benefit of additional group resources that carry out a very stringent process to ensure the contractors we use are insured, qualified and have the relevant assessments in place. The vetting of contractors by a team independent of the property managers is also an important internal control that prevents fraud and ensures consistency of approach in respect of compliance.

Contractors perform a vital role in demonstrating value to London residents by not only maintaining visible management but enhancing it through creativity and pride. We work alongside schemes such as CHAS and Safe Contractor to help make the process easier for contractors who have already fulfilled the requirements under these accreditations. This process is reviewed annually to ensure standards are continually maintained. Once they are instructed to work on behalf of our Clients, the responsibility for managing their ongoing work falls to the relevant Property Management team.

As this BLOG demonstrates - initiative is valued!