Helping you to choose

Whether you're looking for a company to manage your investment, or thinking about switching to a different managing agent, you should be asking these 3 key questions:


  1. What experience do you have in managing properties and portfolios such as mine?
  2. How will your team and services protect my investment?
  3. What will you promise me?


  1. We have over 35 years of experience, specifically within Central London's high-end property sector, and we're backed by the multi-national Fexco who have been involved in block management since 1999. We understand the need to have a more personalised service when it comes to preparing management plans to suit high-end properties.
  2. Proactive, quicker responses create faster resolutions, protecting your business reputation at all times. We won't let things slip, we won't under deliver. We will look after you, your residents and your property with no unnecessary admin and clear, regular communications. 
  3. Put simply, these are our promises to you:
    • To be professional at all times.
    • To listen and adapt our services to suit you, now and in the future. 
    • To drive standards and value in everything that we do for you, to ensure your investment is always protected.

For more information read about our bespoke services.