RMC Directors

Vital to the management of your London block or estate is the role of the Director. 

Whether you're thinking of becoming a Director or you've already decided to become a Director of your Residential Management Company (RMC) Bellharbour is here to help you make the right decisions - from the beginning.

Directors or resident management Directors are an extremely valuable asset to any London block or estate, being the voice of the residents they work closely with the Managing Agent to ensure that the funds set in the Service Charge budget are credible, fit for purpose and most importantly - used efficiently. We believe in getting this relationship right. Bellharbour will help you decide whether this role is right for you, we can advise on the pitfalls of not having a Director in place, and help with setting up the RMC.

Becoming a Director of a Residential Management Company

We're highly experienced in the process, and will guide you through the residential management company Director responsibilities, including assisting with:

  • Signing off the Company’s Accounts
  • Signing of Statutory Documents
  • Attending the Annual General Meeting
  • Approving the Annual Budget and Property Management agreement
  • Reviewing Quarterly Expenditure and Property Owners Arrears Reports
  • Liaising with the Property Manager in relation to larger items of expenditure and Major Works
  • Making decisions on Health and Safety reports

It doesn't stop there.

Once instructed to be the Managing Agent of your RMC, Bellharbour will initiate an introductory programme designed to inform all London residents of who we are, what we'll be doing, and why it's important. Of course, when setting the budget for the Property Service Charge, Bellharbour will liaise with you at all times.


You will be the first to know. As part of the community you'll be serving, Bellharbour understands how important it is to be fully informed of all management arrangements and updates relating to the London property, so if we're planning major works - you'll know about it. If there's an issue on-site - you'll be told about it first.

Keeping this communications' channel flowing means you can also make informed decisions that will ensure your Residential Management Company Director's responsibilities are always met.

If you'd like to talk to us about becoming a Director - or you're already a Director but would like to see if Bellharbour, London is a better fit than your existing Managing Agent, please get in touch below:

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