Group sustainability policy

Our policy is to reduce the impact of the group’s operations on the planet and all of its resources. The goal is to promote awareness of sustainability throughout the group by:

  • Complying with all applicable environmental legislation and endeavouring to ensure that our sub-contractors also comply with such legislation;
  • Ensuring we maintain a carbon-neutral status in our brands and continuing to monitor our carbon footprint;
  • Promoting e-communication with our end customers through the usage of portals, email, and all other non-paper communication;
    Batching our physical property visits as far as possible to reduce the impact of road and rail travel;
  • Using energy-efficient facilities in our offices and promote energy-efficient lighting and other facilities to our clients in the buildings we manage;
  • Promoting virtual communication and meeting channels versus physical channels where possible;
  • Encouraging our staff and sub-contractors to reduce pollution and consumption of the planets’ resources through re-use, recycling and the promotion of our cycle to work scheme; and
  • Reviewing this policy and the related working practices, procedures, and any targets that we set as a result of implementing this policy.